Ecosystem features

In a market such as active physical security, integration must represent an added value for the customer/user.

Market trends

The growing developments in the ICT world, the advent of IoT and 4.0 industry, made clear that active physical security also had to and could benefit from the interoperability of devices and systems out of the market patterns and logic imposed until then.

Advantages of Ecosystems

Integrated ecosystems allow maximum freedom of choice and extreme flexibility, ensure the efficiency of previous investments in infrastructure and business-community, facilitate economic savings, and make available an up-to-date and innovative security system.

Threats change all the time and the only way to deal with them is to always be at the forefront.

Open Security Ecosystem

We coined the definition of Open Security Ecosystem. It is a classification within which are enclosed all the subsystems of every safety field: access control, presence detection, burglary, video surveillance and fire detection.

By selecting the subsystems in this category, freedom of choice is promoted for each type of application and Openware, thanks to its «opening by design», guarantees the best integration and interoperability with the other subsystems of the plant. Besides, relying on our services of assistance and maintenance of the security systems, even if provided by different companies, we ensure the best use of the diagnostic capabilities and support to the maintenance of Openware.