The PSIM/FIP Platform

A simple, intuitive, cloud-native, fully interoperable platform designed to manage in a simple and clear way the subsystems of video surveillance, intrusion, access control, and time detection.

What a PSIM does?

The main task of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is to recognize normal, risky, alert situations or alarm, by collecting in real time all possible events generated by the connected subsystems and providing information for a post-event reconstruction of what happened. These systems include burglar alarm systems, access control and time & attendance systems, and video surveillance systems.


Nowadays, even a PSIM may not be sufficient to have an overall picture of the security system. For this reason, a Full Interoperability Platform is needed, which is to make existing subsystems interact (using traditional technologies) with new generation ones, which are revolutionising the concepts of integration and interaction of software that manage video surveillance systems, active physical security and fire protection.

Openware allows a qualitative leap in the performance of security systems because it is designed to implement all the features of a simple PSIM in a fully interoperable platform.

What Openware is?

Openware is our Full Interoperability Platform. It is able to interact with existing subsystems (using traditional technologies) with those of the new generation, that are revolutionizing the concepts of integration and interaction of software that manage video surveillance systems, active physical security, and fire protection.

It is an open supervisory and control platform, easy to install, start, and use. It is sophisticated to help users and administrators in carrying out their tasks. It is designed for real-time analysis of information coming from the “field” and business management applications. It is indispensable for the analysis of what has happened, to continuously improve the system by intervening on processes and procedures such as access control and presence detection.

The simplicity of the software is contained in three concepts: Domains, Rules and Situations.

Normally, PSIMs stand out from ISSs (Integrated Security Systems) for their sophisticated and powerful features: Openware, as a FIP, simplifies, integrates and makes them immediately available with minimal configurations.


How does it work?

Openware takes on the procedural and operational complexities:

  • it automates routine procedures (software verification of video surveillance, access control, fire detection, etc.);
  • it intervenes in the management of critical events;
  • it provides security staff with a complete overview of all the aspect relevant to the current situation in the clearest possible manner;
  • it analyses the situation and relies on the typical usage of mobile devices.

The Openware User Experience is treated in detail: a security system must be immediate, comfortable and must be able to adapt to the different operations and needs of different users.

For this reason, the user interface is created following the modern web standards dictated also by the daily used systems, to drastically reduce the time of learning and obtain the maximum effectiveness in the shortest possible time.