Ecosystems services

We offer our customers a platform of modular and multi-brand services at 360°, active 24/7 both remotely and on-site.

It is our mean to ensure complete audit, support and training services, assistance and maintenance of alarm systems and alarm systems, burglary, video surveillance, access control and presence detection, smoke detection and digital signage systems.

Customer support

We need to be always ready for our customers, especially for the type of service we offer in the field of active physical security. With this service, we are committed to always being present and to solving the problems of the ecosystem infrastructure in the shortest time possible.

Our commitment is to keep under control buildings, plants and areas, and ensure the continuity of service for our customers. It is therefore essential to have a complete picture of the systems of access controls, time and video surveillance, even remotely.

Proactivity is the basis of our work ethic. That is why we have created a system, implemented in the platform Openware, able to activate and check that all the subsystems respect the established standards in whichever circumstance.

Maintenance of physical security devices and systems

The system must remain active and vigilant. This is why we are committed to eliminating any malfunction and restoring the original operating situation.

For us, it is essential to maintain a profitable and active exchange relationship with our customers, so as to ensure greater availability of the system. This is why we have devised a system of programming periodic maintenance interventions.

It is our concern to intervene promptly to resolve the malfunctions and faults that might occur. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring in a clear and defined way the maximum time limits of the service, from taking charge of the call to solving the problem.

For our premium customers, we have designed a dedicated service, which enables them to be followed for an unlimited number of interventions aimed at restoring the normal operating conditions of active physical security systems, such as access control systems and video surveillance, smoke detection and digital signage systems.