About us

Our story

Ours was the story of creators of Integrated Security Systems. We are always innovative, with great satisfaction from our customers and a timeless motto: always exceed expectations.


In the vast world of physical security, customers have always recognised the strategic role played by Integrated Security Systems. Since the field of active physical security is very complex, the number of integrators in mission-critical systems has always been limited to a few companies with both vertical (software and hardware) and horizontal skills (from video surveillance to access control) able to provide solutions in such a complex challenge.


More than 30 years ago our founders and our management gave themselves a precise corporate mission: to be part of those selected actors generating high customer satisfaction, carrying out the role of the main contractor. We want to give a total guarantee to our customers for systems at maximum effectiveness and efficiency, with an End to End range of solutions and services that always need new and different know-how and technologies.

Today our role in the market has changed, anticipating the demands of what is and will be 4.0 Security and the needs related to digital transformation. Openness and interoperability are now indispensable values and generators of advantages that once were unthinkable.

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What do our customers want?


The market to which we address includes all those companies and entities that have, for any reason, a particular sensitivity regarding the protection of the tangible and intangible assets, of the people who are part of the company and of those who attend it, of the legislative aspects, of the image and internal and of the external credibility. In a broader sense, we turn to all those who care about the safety of people, of things and the image as the protection of business continuity.

4.0 solutions

The most natural demand is for products and solutions that make safety effective, but also less expensive and therefore more efficient. The companies that turn to us, ask the products and the solutions to be perfectly adapted and synchronized with the digital transformation that is part of big investments by every company.

Freedom to choose

In particular, customers ask us for an open and non-monopolistic ecosystem, to obtain the main advantage of digitalisation and openness: the complete interoperability between heterogeneous applications and devices (such as access control systems and attendance monitoring), which changes over time.

Full interoperability

In addition to the use of a multi-brand ecosystem of applications and devices that guarantee total openness, to allow effective interoperability in practical terms, we created a software platform called Openware, that belongs to the category of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management).

IoT Multi-technology Access Control

Unlike competitors, in addition to the usual video surveillance, intrusion detection and fire detection applications, we have developed Openware with complete functionality also for access control, to allow full management through the unification of different pre-existing systems, including from different producers.

We believe that access control is a fundamental part of the physical security to obtain the complete monitoring, tracking and verification of situations, and allow the most complete description of the incident both to assess the best countermeasure, and for the automatic creation of dossiers for subsequent analysis.


Openware has been developed with microservice technology, which allows great advantages in terms of ease and speed of adaptation, design and release in Agile mode.

Clear responsibilities

As a company, we can operate in End to End mode: the field and the underlying applications are installed, assisted and configured in such a way that all the advantages related to interoperability are guaranteed by clear contracts concerning the responsibilities, that in interoperable multi-brand systems can be little guaranteed of the expected result.