Why OpenWare?


leggerezza_integrazione.jpgOpenWare belongs to the family of supervision and monitoring systems identified by the acronym PSIM (Physical Security Information Management).

The definition of PSIM derives from the concept that security systems alsoproduce «data». If appropriately contextualised and interrelated, this databecome information, which, when presented in a structured and organised manner helps decision-making and increases the possibility of automating the reactions in order to assist users and administrators in carrying out their routine functions and also in critical situations.

OpenWare stems from Cogen Openvision’s desire to provide a supervisory system within the framework of the active physical security systems which is OPEN, SIMPLE to install, start up and maintain, and obviously use, while at the same time being SOPHISTICATED to assist users and administrators in carrying out their tasks.

OpenWare takes charge of the procedural and operating complexities,automating the routine procedures, and intervening in the management of critical events by analysing the situation and providing security personnel with a global vision of all the system components involved in the situation in question.