Open Subsystems


Open Subsystem  defines the set of security subsystems  selected on the basis of specific functional and performance requirements, that are capable of meeting any need whatsoever, even the most unexpected.

The security market is a world where innovation has always gone hand in hand with “closure”: the solutions proposed by the various manufacturers were often isolated from the rest of the systems, offering complete, but closed, packages.  When choosing a solution, the customer was consequently bound to the developments achieved by a single manufacturer over the following years.

Why limit oneself to the choice of closed solutions? Why not adopt solutions that are a combination of the best functions available on the market, and thus have the chance to  decide on the one that best suits your needs, ensuring the possibility of following technological developments without having to constantly disrupt the system?

open security ecosystemCogen Openvision has selected Open Subsystems to meet the growing need for advanced,highly customisable solutions which guarantee complete integrability, that is the possibility of interact with other systems from different manufacturers.

The increasing developments in the ICT world combined with the high rate of innovation and intelligence of the Open Subsystems make the latter the perfect solution for use in a fully integrated and supervised system.

Open Security Ecosystem (OSE) è la definizione coniata da Cogen Openvision per identificare l’insieme dei sottosistemi di sicurezza classificati sulla base di requisti funzionali e prestazionali in grado di rispondere a qualsiasi esigenza, anche quella più inaspettata ma, soprattutto per le caratteristiche delle interfacce che mettono a disposizione per sessere integrati nei sistemi di supervisione,

open security ecosystem 2Implementation of an Open Subsystem guarantees:

  • Maximum freed of choice and extreme flexibility;
  • Streamlining of previous infrastructural investments and business-continuity;
  • Cost savings;
  • Availability of an innovative and updated security system.

We must never lose sight of the fact that the threats are constantly changing and the only way to address them is to always be one step ahead.

The Open Subsystems make this possible. The individual standard security subsystem, irrespective of whether for Access Control and video surveillance of any brand or model whatsoever, becomes less important when inserted in the wider, less restrictive world of the Open Subsystems, which are actually nothing more than bricks on which to build the new concept of Integrated Security Systems.