Open Smart Services


perchè open serviceOpen Smart Service is the name specially coined by Cogen Openvision because the company is able to offer its own customers services with 360° security – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – on systems produced by different manufacturers, and through multiple levels, both remote and on-site. Cogen Openvision provides comprehensive services for the design, installation, technical assistance and maintenance of the intrusion-detection alarm, video surveillance, Access Control and presence detection, smoke detection systems, multimedia solutions and technological IT convergence solutions, thereby satisfying the most sophisticated demands with great flexibility and operational availability. This allows it to develop ordinary and extraordinary customised maintenance programmes for all its own and third-party technologies. Cogen Openvision’s value therefore accrues with the service activities thanks to by a high degree of specialisation  consolidated over the years that has managed to efficiently and efficaciously deal with even the most complex situations throughout the entire country.