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We focus on physical security and fulfill the requirements, often unexpressed, of managers who deal with it: whether it’s an office building, an industrial warehouse, a logistics hub, a port, an airport, a refinery, a government building, a network of points of sale or a bank, needs are nearly the same.

Intercept possible intruders, identify entering people and resources, follow their movements, verify authorizations, collect events from monitored areas and evaluate the level of criticality or normality, assess security through video surveillance, execute standard operating procedures.

In close and desert places, it’s very easy to accomplish this results; to the contrary, in open and crowded places, everything becomes more complex.

As a rule, market offers a wide range of technologies, products and companies able to cope with all the functional needs. There is the possibility to choose anti-intrusion, video monitoring and access control systems, or everything else that can be useful, in terms of performance, features, service and price.

The security manager may decide to select the best compromise to solve his needs, or to choose one specific company that can provide an omnicomprehensive solution, offering all the advantages of inter-application interaction. However, this choice could be both hard to find and difficult to manage: there will be no place for a present or future freedom of choice.

What would the security manager like to have, that can actually obtain right now?

The opportunity to develop a comprehensive security system, capable to use all the security systems as one, unifying all the operational interfaces, automations, procedures, call centers, maintenances, ICT infrastructures and administrators.

To possibility to develop a project that allows company to maintain the existing field, but also to extend the system’s life cycle. A project capable to select subsystems according to the company’s functional needs, without compromises. A project that will simplify the work of users and administrators, improving efficiency through automation, interaction and simplicity. A system that can detect everything and, at the same time, capable to recognize real critical situations from those events that don’t represent a real danger. A system even able to predict future events, collecting and elaborating all the abnormalities observed, thus generating a dynamic and comprehensive situational analysis leading to the activation of automatic and semi-automatic procedures.

The opportunity to guarantee the best protection and safety available in the workplace, without affecting comfort, freedom of movement, productivity.

How can Cogen ensure all of this? Through our ability in system analysis and development, integration, engineering, design, and through 3 solutions platforms:

  • Operware: an holistic Physical Security Information Management

  • OSE – Open Security Ecosystem: a combination of collaborative and multibrand solutions

  • OpenService: assistance services and modular maintenance, widespread and multibrand

Everything that is considered complex, Cogen makes it simple and achievable.