Urban Security

Security is one of the pillars on which the modern state rests. A right which, unlike the others (health, education, work, etc.) must be balanced in relation to other rights and which is configured not as a subjective asset belonging to a single individual, but rather, as a public asset, given by the balance between the right to live tranquilly without any risks and the right to freedom and life for everyone. Therefore, when considering the security asset a “public asset” it means to operate to protect the rights of everyone and to promote policies aimed at ensuring the “security of the rights”.   To concretely take care of feelings of insecurity in order to help citizens regain tranquillity in the places where they live and rebuild their prospects and confidence in the future, means that the institutions must implement an integrated system of instruments and human resources. It means paying attention to the public areas, housing quality, and urban infrastructures, adopting measures aimed at strengthening social and family networks and a sense of belonging and identification with the relative living area, as well as making decisions targeting the integration of the residential settlements in the urban system, promoting actions and projects for animating the territories and cohabitation among different socio-economic groups, encouraging collaboration and involvement of residents through participation and dialogue in order to reinforce the links between citizens and institutions backed up by the presence of the local police force.

The so-called “smart cities” will always require greater high-tech support to ensure complete security which is well-distributed throughout the territory and coordinated and managed by the police force. According to Cogen Openvision, an evolved city demands the adopting of backup security systems from technological progress which are reliable and punctual, and therefore effective in guaranteeing protection and the fight against crime. Increasingly more, security operators will be able to avail of technological devices capable of centrally coordinating and controlling the local intervention actions.  We should not be afraid of the fact that there will always be more and more intelligent cameras for monitoring our cities because technology protects the privacy of our personal data and at the right time ensures indispensable instruments for supporting operations, providing important evidence of offenses for investigation activities. The consideration of the governing of security as an essential content of a “new” concept of welfare, where the concept of “wellbeing” opens up to cover that of full enjoyment of rights, obviously implies the availability of know-how and resources that can effectively place the local governments in a position to be able to provide the same; this is Cogen Supervision’s great commitment as an accredited supplier of integrated solutions to support Urban Security.

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