The retail world always keeps its eye on the logical evolution of the market, responding with the creation of new distribution formats, and large, well-equipped, comfortable, intelligent and technological out-of-town shopping centres. Commercial spaces and consumer habits change rapidly and turn towards new purchasing experiences and service requirements. The answer to this scenario is knowledgeable design, capable of connecting the experience of the commercial space as a multi-service social gathering point.

Unfortunately, due to the opening up of commercial spaces on one hand, and social ill-ease on the other, the thefts committed in supermarkets and emporiums have increased significantly over recent years. Despite the efforts of the security personnel, the cost of the inventory differences is high and negatively influences the profitability of the retailers. Half the products susceptible to theft are unprotected and traders are turning more and more towards the development of new technologies for protecting their merchandise.  In the wake of these evolutions, Cogen Openvision has methodically taken steps to guarantee increasing levels of multimedia interoperability as a backup service to the growing number of visitors to the commercial facilities, in the same way that it is passionately and intelligently striving to provide protection and security of corporate assets for all situations in need.

In the opinion of Cogen Openvision analysts, at a time when the competitiveness of the markets and uncertain economic scenario make it even more essential to minimise losses, the situation of the inventory losses due to theft or fraud can only be significantly reduced via the implementation of structured security operating plans where the synergy between man, procedures and technology becomes a winning strategy.

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