Office & Building

With computerisation and the global spread of information and communication technologies, there have been radical changes in the manner of “doing architecture”. At the same time there are two interconnected types of change that occur:

1)  The first is “technological” change because new instrumentation and materials are now available for creating, managing and controlling buildings which modify their shape and functions;

2)  The second is “semantic change”, since development through digital technologies during the design phase helps define new types of language strictly in keeping with the new contents.

Therefore, it is now essential to have the possibility of automatically and simultaneously managing the technologies of a smart building such as fire-detection, intrusion-detection signalling, Videosurveillance, Access Control and presence-detection,  air and water treatment, communications, data networks, lighting, climate and energy management through centralised control, in order to be able to guarantee a high level of efficiency and cutting of maintenance costs. The technologies are  integrated together in security systems on unique and supervised control and management platforms.

Thanks to its multiyear experience in various sectors, Cogen Openvision takes care of engineering and integrating the security and technological systems required in an office or business centre in a simple, highly intuitive and evolved manner, with the objective of implementing the most modern solutions that are fully scalable over time.

What are the benefits customers expect from Cogen Openvision? Greater security, convenience and comfort, improved environmental quality, greater energy efficiency, less physical effort in management, all of which are features that ensure the ability to evolve over the years.

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