A brand new system


For years the market has offered supervision systems that incorporate various applications in the field of active physical security systems. Historically, these systems have been developed on the basis of three different approaches, depending on the type of manufacturer:

  • systems consisting of proprietary hardware and software, designed by manufacturers to ensure the final customer’s loyalty to their own solutions, but ill-suited to being integrated with components produced by other companies;
  • systems based on supervision software set up to integrate hardware and subsystems of other companies, but which often require expensive and time-consuming configuration and start-up activities;
  • supervision systems designed by manufacturers of one of the typical security subsystems (Access Control,  anti-intrusion, video surveillance, etc.) which integrate “non-core” products of other companies into their own software.

In the first case, the lack of flexibility and unwillingness to integrate third-party HW gives rise to higher costs for the end user due to the lifetime dependency on the original supplier. In the second case, the installation/configuration complexity entails greater costs for activating the plant and requires intervention by the supplier every time the configuration has to be changed. In the third case, the supervision software is often sufficient for managing the manufacturer’s own subsystem but insufficient for managing other subsystems.

Thanks to the Cogen multiyear experience as System Integrator, OpenWare has set itself the goal of overcoming the weak points of these three approaches, and has established a new starting point for supervision systems in the security market.

OpenWare applies the concepts of information management and business intelligence deriving from the companies’ core business to physical security, taking full advantage of the convergence of the security systems leading to the exclusive use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).