“To guarantee the investments and business continuity of our customers in safe, secure and comfortable work environments”

Cogen Openvision’s core business is to improve the safety and security of any kind of work environments.

Work environments are not airtight. They have openings onto the outside to allow the transit of people, vehicles, and goods.

If the world were only inhabited by people who abide by the rules, it would be sufficient to affix a sign at every access way indicating: ”Stop! Access only allowed to authorised personnel”.

Unfortunately, the world is not just made up of people who respect the rules and therefore it is necessary to find the way to have them respected. Until a few decades ago the only way was to have all the entrances and perimeters manned by surveillance personnel who monitored all the people entering during the day and kept watch at night and on holidays.

Subsequently, electronics, software, networks, standard protocols, mechatronics, Wi-Fi, internet, smartphones, video analysis, RFID, biometrics, and integration have enabled the creation of automatic systems for active physical security that allow for guaranteeing an increasingly higher degree of security with minimal manning and without reducing the comfort or productivity of the work environments which besides being secure, must also remain “Open”.

Today’s companies are becoming less restrictive and increasingly more open for longer periods for those subjects who, when authorised, have to work outside normal hours. The fact of remaining “Open” in a secure environment adds significant value to the profit and loss account.  

Cogen Openvision’s technical and strategic choice underlying all its solutions is determined by considering that there is an unstoppable trend towards ICT Convergence for all the corporate applications, including those relating to the world of facilities which until only recently was quite extraneous to the canons of Information & Communication Technology.

Moreover, in addition to the very strong surge to converge towards ICT, there are countless advantages in the architectural, operational, and functional integration of all the subsystems that form part of the security solutions.

Intrusion detection, Videosurveillance and Access Control have to coexist in solutions designed to allow for continual exchange of information and automatic, semi-automatic, and guided manual decision-making, depending on the anomalous incidents and the subsequent multi-application analysis of the situations.

For these reasons, which represent value for users, for each subsystem Cogen Openvision chooses products of excellence on the marketthat are designed to be integrated by third parties. This ensures a freedom of choice, and also of change if necessary, thus protecting the investments made. In this case the word Open has two meanings in terms of greater benefits for the users: freedom of choice (the best, the most economical, etc.), and ease of integration.

Other applications complementary to security systems converge within the ICT infrastructure in corporate sites.

Some of these applications relates to the world of “smart facilities” that coexist on the same network and benefit from integration with security, and namely, fire detection, HVAC and energy management,  parking lots management, and corporate asset management.

Other applications include thus that share the same technology, devices or software. Typical examples are Time & Attendance that shares devices and technologies with Access Control and the control of consumer behaviour and flows in the retail sector, which in part use the same CCTV security devices.