Intrusion Detection and Alarm Monitoring


sistema di allarme antintrusioneThe intrusion-detection alarm system, also called intrusion-detection and burglar alarm system, is recognised as one of the foundations for the security of assets.

Its main objectives are: to promptly detect any unwanted intrusion attempts, to punctually report the same in order to guarantee quick intervention of professionally trained personnel, and to act as a deterrent for ill-intentioned subjects.

In designing an intrusion-detection and burglar alarm system it is first necessary to analyse the risks in order to concentrate all the efforts and resources for protecting the most vulnerable areas and choose the most appropriate countermeasures for overcoming the foreseen threats with all available resources. Cogen Openvision is able to achieve the level of protection requested by this application, by following a detailed procedure in compliance with European standards.

The intrusion-detection alarm system consists of:

  • A suitably sized central microprocessor control unit capable of supervising the functioning of the entire system, interpreting the commands received from the outside, checking the status of the sensors, and implementing the necessary local and remote signalling;
  • Sensors and detectors selected from among the most appropriate on the market for the specific functions and types of environment (indoor/outdoor, wired/wireless);
  • Control devices, that is instruments for user interaction with the system: in the past these have been keypads, electronic keys, badge readers, which are now flanked by the more modern Smartphone devices, tablets, and personal computers;
  • Signalling and transmission devices capable of sending calls, text messages, emails, web applications, and communications to the surveillance institutes or the police department.

Cogen Openvision designs and manufactures intrusion-detection alarm systems by exploiting its multiyear experience in a multitude of different applications.

The systems designed by Cogen Openvision avail of the most advanced technologies aimed at satisfying even the most sophisticated demands, guaranteeing the proposed protection goals, reducing the incidence of any false alarms, and providing maximum versatility, scalability and ease of integration.