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sicurezza per industrieThe need to resort to the use of integrated security solutions in the world of production and services has now become essential in order to protect corporate assets. The implementation of security technologies serves not only for preventing or mitigating risks, but also for guaranteeing operating efficiency throughout the entire chain of industrial facilities (logistics centres, production structures, offices, management centres …).

Thanks to the modern logics of business intelligence and security management, business operators of general services, security and safety, are now able to implement adequate technologies capable of effectively supporting the control procedures enacted in the various sites. The first essential asset to be protected in a site is the process via which the corporate system develops its supply of services and operational skills and business continuity skills. This process must be backed up by the security intervention plan since a number of targets will be exposed to potential antagonists. Said targets are the individual assets which go towards making up the company’s heritage and they must be identified, assessed, and accurately classified according to the following types:

  1. PHYSICAL PROPERTY: personnel, transport means, structures, water and energy systems, mechanical systems, storage and goods handling areas, fuel and chemical substances, data infrastructures (internal/external), communications and traditional and computerised management systems, databases and processing systems, control and intervention devices, recovery and restoration equipment, technical rooms, server rooms, data centres;
  2. NON-PHYSICAL PROPERTY: credibility, reputation, image, know-how, authority, information and decision-making skills, competitive standing.

Cogen Openvision is committed to ensuring business continuity for its industrial customers and services, leaving them completely free to dedicate their energies to the growth of their productivity and profitability.

sistemi di sicurezza per industrie