CO.GEN. SpA was founded in Brescia in 1989 and thanks to its rapid evolution and constant growth it is now acclaimed on the market as a highly experienced and reliable partner in the production of integrated security systems.

CO.GEN. has always based its success on the coexistence of two professional components that are hard to find in the same company: excellence in the ability to design plants and systems, and excellence in ICT technology. System analysts and installers work together in CO.GEN. to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Today CO.GEN. has now become Cogen Openvision. Besides guaranteeing continuity of the solutions that have enabled it to make its mark on such a competitive market as that of security, Cogen Opevision has also built up an even more powerful structure with 4 operating sites (Brescia, Milan, Rome, Bari) with a research & development department engaged in the creation of the OpenWare supervision and integration platform.

Openware belongs to the family of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) systems for inter-functional integration of security systems that are famous for the scalability, user-friendliness and improved efficacy and efficiency of the security system.

Its technical-operational organisation in Italy today consists of 40 employees and more than 100 partners.