Under the terms set out in Legislative Decree 81/2008 art. 30, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy issued on 13 February 2014 a Ministerial Decree which adopted the “Simplified procedures for the adoption of models of organization and management in small and medium-sized enterprises”, with which you define the criteria and propose models for the definition of the Organization, Management and Control with exclusive reference to the offenses referred to in Article. 25 (manslaughter and negligently causing serious or very serious personal injury committed in violation of safety regulations and the protection of hygiene and health at work).
These simplified procedures propose the definition of a model that covers all aspects of management of health and safety issues at work, in very comparable to the adoption of a Management System for Health and Safety at Work in accordance with the most widespread rule here, or to BS OHSAS 18001, for which is expected shortly evolution in the future ISO 45001.

CO.GEN. Spa has chosen to make his own those simplified procedures, defining its own model according to their content.
It also integrated the provisions on simplified procedures and specific procedures with respect to environmental issues.

D01 C Model of Organisation Management and Control

D02 C Company policy HSE

D03 C Code of Ethics

D05 C Disciplinary System