Fire Detection Systems


rivelazione incendioFire detection systems must ensure the protection of property and people within the protected areas, promptly signalling the existence of any hazardous situations.

The various fire protection solutions include:

  • Automatic fire detection systems;
  • Automatic water extinguishing (“sprinkler”) systems;
  • Smoke and gas detection systems;
  • Smoke and heat removal systems;
  • Fixed fire-extinguishing systems (fire extinguishers, hydrants, etc.).

The evaluation of the type of fire risk present in the areas to be protected is the starting point for choosing the most appropriate and ideal fire-fighting system for protecting the personnel, the business and the assets. In fact, it is possible to design various types of systems that use different devices, configurations and wiring. These are usually divided into two types:

  • Conventional fire-alarm (or zonal) systems: these include groups of detection sensors and a central control unit which is only able to distinguish the zone (that is, the group of sensors) affected by a fire. Consequently there is no precise identification of the sensor that triggers the alarm, a limitation that means that this type is mainly used for small, simple applications.
  • Analogue fire-alarm (or addressable) systems: these overcome the limitations of conventional systems by adopting “intelligent” sensors that are coded with a unique address which is sent to the central unit, thus enabling identification of the exact spot in the environment where the alarm has been triggered.

The effectiveness of a fire detection system is closely linked to its ability to detect and promptly signal a hazardous situation, avoiding any false alarms. Therefore it is important to have a specific and professional design of the fire-detection system as well as the smoke and gas detection system.

Given the importance of protecting the safety of the personnel, these systems are governed by Italian and European regulations. As a result, it is essential to contact professionals in this sector who are able to perform all the tasks prescribed by current regulations and by the fire department.

Cogen Openvision is specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of fire-detection systems for protecting public administrations, schools, health structures, industrial, commercial and banking concerns, hotels, and parking stations. It is also able to offer support and consultancy for obtaining having the project examined by the fire department for the issuance of the fire-prevention certificates, for the drafting of sworn expert reports on the operation of the systems, and for the development of emergency and evacuation plans.