Ease of use and user experience


Smartphones and tablets have introduced new methods of human/machine interaction. The simplicity and intuitiveness of these devices allows even those with little experience in the software and computer fields to use complex applications. By availing of use modes typical of mobile devices, OpenWare improves the operability of the personnel entrusted to manage and run the security systems. Each company employee accessing the system can have a personal interface for all his/her needs. In fact, due to being based on dedicated “widgets” for performing specific functions, the user interface can easily be composed, even by unskilled personnel, simply by dragging & droppingvthe widgets onto the screen.

The following windows provide an example of what has been described above. They all consist of the different positions and sizes of widgets used, which may vary depending on the type of activity to be performed (synoptic surfing, camera viewing, alarm management, etc.).

semplciità d'uso 1

semplicità d'uso 2

semplicità d'uso 3