Detection Systems Attendance


Using the same access control devices for recognizing people, Cogen proposes Attendance systems providing all the information needed to perfect the management of employees within companies and organizations.

Thanks to the integration of Time and Attendance and Access Control is possible, for example, use the same reading terminal to open the gates and detect the entry and leaving the farm or the beginning and end of the work shift. It can also increase security checks by configuring the system so that it does not allow the presence of stamping input if the first access control has not detected the passage of the person and would not allow to leave the site without first is stamped the output.

Also in this case the choice of subsystems open to integration is essential for the realization of installations of Attendance and Access Control perfectly integrated and interoperable.

Also the data supplied from the terminals and Time & Attendance systems can contribute to the enrichment of the type of data that become part of the security information system. This is crucial information for the verification of the ongoing situation, particularly on the management of accidents that can jeopardize the health of workers.

Even in post-event analysis of data from accidents Attendance systems are important. For example correlate clocking in / out access control with the start / end of the work of the Attendance can help detect suspicious behavior or fraudulent.

Cogen is able to provide support and maintenance to the Time & Attendance systems of primary Italian and international manufacturers.