Design, Commissioning & Startup


In order to operate to the best of its potential, a security system must be designed, installed, used, and maintained with the utmost experience and skill.

installazione impianti di sicurezzaFor this reason the technical team involved in the initial design phase must possess a high degree of skill at all levels in order to obtain the best possible performance from the aforementioned systems.

It is also very important to have considerable and personal experience in the sector enabling in-depth knowledge of all the problems that have to be overcome during the installation phase.

Generally, but especially in complex situations, the security systems are often treated without the necessary preparation, leaving ample margins for approximation and inefficiency, resulting in the creation of badly designed systems that are totally inadequate for dealing with the risks and concrete hazards that corporate assets face every day. An inefficient security system will consequently be practically unusable by the security personnel.

progettazione impianti di sicurezzaIn order to obtain technologically advanced and efficient solutions, the active and passive security must be integrated together with a third essential element represented by the operational intervention. In fact, while on one hand the active security takes care of detecting intrusion attempts or attacks, on the other, the passive security must be able to guarantee the resistance of the barriers at least until such time as human intervention is possible and which begins at the time of correct signalling of the security systems. An inadequate design or imperfect functioning of one of the three factors mentioned above implies the failure of the entire security system, and subsequent allows penetration into the protected area containing the property to be protected. According to Cogen Openvision, the final objective of the good design of a security solution is therefore that of reducing and containing the risk situations through effective and advanced technological support.