Critical Infrastructure


sicurezza per infrastrutture criticheThe importance and strategic significance that the infrastructures such as telecommunications, transport, health, banks, institutions, public and government institutions, defence, energy, etc. have on our society, have grown considerably over the last decade with a continual increase in the services offered.

For economic, social and political reasons, these infrastructures have become more and more complex and interdependent, and an interconnection has also been formed between the various systems as a result of the growing use of increasingly more advanced computerised management and control technologies and telecommunications. While for certain aspects this has made it possible to improve the quality of the services supplied and cut costs, for others these infrastructures are threatened by new and unforeseeable vulnerabilities such as technical faults, natural disasters and unlawful actions, not to mention terrorist acts which could have devastating effects.

sistemi di sicurezza per infrastrutture criticheAttacks and threats include “evidence” of damage to the property, the service continuity, protection of the environment, and health of citizens. In line with the methods of Cogen Openvision it is therefore imperative to operate according to a structured Operator Security Plan – OSP -, which identifies the elements making up the critical infrastructure and highlights for each element the existing security solution, meaning those already being applied. The OPS therefore entails the identification of the most important elements of the infrastructure by means of a structured operating method consisting of the following steps:

1. Risk analysis,

2. Identification, selection and coding of the priority security measures and procedures,

3. The application of permanent measures, namely those which can be implemented in an ongoing manner,

4. Scaled application of the extraordinary measures to be activated in relation to the level of the threats or risks existing over a specific period of time.