Assistance and Maintenance



assistenza sistemi di sicurezzaThe maintenance service and technical assistance is provided all over the country by Cogen

Openvision’s highly skilled technicians thanks to direct logistics centres and the collaboration of various consolidated external partners, all for the purpose of achieving the most widespread coverage and very rapid intervention times wherever required.

Cogen Openvision ensures intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, guaranteeing direct and immediate telephone assistance from a dedicated call centre, and thanks also to its remote control centre for assistance and maintenance for all the connected security systems.

On-site intervention is guaranteed according to the level of service agreed to beforehand. The technical personnel assigned to the maintenance service visit the customer in a vehicle equipped with all necessary spare-parts and as a result, very rapid intervention is ensured.

All the maintenance technicians are equipped with the most advanced computerised devices for performing operations on the security equipment in all situations and always availing of on-line access to the technical datasheets of the systems under maintenance.


manutenzione sistemi di sicurezzaThe requests for intervention are managed by the corporate computer system and the application of a Customer Relationship Management system controlled by a dedicated call centre, which allows for organising the interventions and real-time activation of the technician closest to the customer in question. This information is transmitted in a secure manner to the technician who is always connected to the computer system and who is thus able to organise the intervention method with the utmost efficiency.

Cogen Openvision also selects the highest-quality assistance workshops directly at the factories of the manufacturers of the most advanced security technologies, so as to guarantee rapid repairing of the equipment which is tested and subjected to quality controls before being reinstalled at the customer’s site.