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In the enterprise, access control facilitates the flow and operation of the people, controls the inputs differentially, while ensuring the security of goods and people.

Controllo accessi

It is fundamental that it is designed to combine the needs of security with those of operational freedom.

– By offering easier accessibility to environments;

– Ensuring all automations to facilitate the relationship man / work environment

– Ensuring the workforce the condition of “user friendly” company.

Access Control allows you to have full control of the property, allowing you to identify, locate, detect and understand what is happening in order to authorize the execution of certain actions and report any abnormal event or suspicion. The system ensures the reconstruction of what happened at any one time. It makes use of identification devices to monitor and regulate the real-time demands and the consequent access to gates, whether doors, gates, doors, elevators, etc. preventing and promptly reporting the unauthorized persons inputs in protected areas.

The mechanism is not limited to the decision whether or not to open the gates: it is also a powerful data collector full of information that can be used in multiple applications. Here are a few applications that can create value by interacting with the Access Control:

– Optimization of energy consumption by managing the lighting system and air-conditioning depending on the presence or not of the persons acting within an area;

– Automated management integration / installation of emergency shutdown of critical areas;

– Control of the complete evacuation of a building in an emergency;

– Automation of business procedures in critical areas (multiple people in an area, verification of the residence time within an area at risk, etc.);

– Flow monitoring of visitors inside the property

Modern access control system also offer time and attendance functionality. Cogen offers these systems to industrial companies of medium and large sizes, offering clients the solution that best suits its needs.