A new vision for your safety and security

OPENVISION is the answer for creating new value by improving the security of businesses and institutions.

Defining the term OPEN as the best solution for corporate security could appear to be a contradiction.Instead, it’s the opposite, a completely OPEN Vision is the only strategy possible for creating concrete values for customers who invest in strengthening the security of their companies. Must be OPEN the systemic solutions that have the task of guaranteeing integrability, interoperability and continuity. Must be OPEN the intelligent devices that are required to offer simple connectability, also to third-party systems. Must be OPEN the assistance and maintenance services that must know how to take charge of pre-existing devices in order to guarantee operational continuity and protect investments. Must be OPEN the software platform for integrating subsystems and devices of different manufacturers. Must be OPEN the work environments in which the solution is installed and where the intensification of security must always guarantee freedom of movement in a traceable and controlled manner to avoid holding up individual productivity.

Value Statement

Multiyear experience on the security market, professionalism and expertise in identifying the best answer to every demand, the ability to integrate subsystems of different manufactures and make them interoperable, the total ICT  convergence of the solutions, combined with their simplicity and excellent installation and system capacities all make Cogen Openvision the perfect partner for the design, creation, support, and maintenance of more secure and more efficient security systems in more comfortable and productive work environments able toguarantee the protection of past and future investments.